Hays Travel exchange rates

Today's latest Hays Travel travel money exchange rates, updated 4 minutes ago at 4:45pm

Hays Travel have 56 currencies in stock and ready to order online now for secure home delivery. Only selected currencies can be purchased in-store, and store rates may be different to the rates advertised online.

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Hays Travel travel money rates

These are the latest Hays Travel exchange rates available right now. You must buy or reserve your currency online to guarantee these rates or you may be given a lower rate in-store.

Better exchange rates are available from other UK currency suppliers. See the full range of deals on offer with our exchange rate comparisons.

Compare Hays Travel's exchange rates

We compare hundreds of exchange rates from dozens of currency suppliers across the UK. Select a currency below to see how Hays Travel's rates compare against other providers. Bear in mind that exchange rates aren't the only important factor when it comes to getting the best deal; commission, card surcharges and delivery costs can all affect the final amount of currency you'll receive. You can see the full range of currency deals on offer right now on our travel money comparisons.


Travel money order limits and fees

There are no minimum or maximum order amounts for travel money bought in-branch, but an admin fee may apply to smaller orders so be sure to check this out if you're planning to buy over-the-counter. For online travel money orders, the minimum order amount is £200 and the maximum is £2,500. Delivery is free for orders over £500, otherwise a £4.99 delivery charge will apply.

Travel money for in-store collection
Minimum order amountNo minimum
Maximum order amountNo maximum
Surcharge for payment by debit cardNone
Surcharge for payment by credit cardNone
Travel money for home delivery
Minimum order amount£200
Maximum order amount£2,500
Minimum order amount for free delivery£500
Delivery charge for orders under free delivery amount£4.99
Surcharge for payment by debit cardNone
Surcharge for payment by credit cardNone

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Angela Elliott

Took out card for holiday in Spain used it once and they blocked it due to suspicious use cus I used it abroad that was the hole point of the card so had to borrow money of family for the rest of my holiday then when I complained when got home they c [...]

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Went to Dubai and Abu Dhabi we had no issues at all ,none.

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Martin S

Unable to add money to card. Support suggested I visit a shop. The whole idea of travel money and ease of use completely overlooked. Useless!

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